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Kahurangi (cloak from heaven) Is New Zealand's only full-time Maori Dance Theatre of professional caliber to maintain a consistent presence in North america for the past 17 years.

Kahurangi was formed to provide cultural, recreational, educational and employment opportunities for graduates of Takitimu Performing Arts School, based in Hastings, New Zealand, which has established itself as a pioneer in the field of Maori Performing Arts and was the first tertiary institution to offer a full-tiome under-graduate degree in Maori Performing Arts.  Since 1985, Kahurangi has presented over 5000 performances in New Zealand, Australia, china, Singapore, Mexico, India and Malaysia along with the United States of America, Canada and the Carribean.

The company has appeared in many festivals, conferences, public and private schools presenting unique cultural performances, demonstrations, lectures and workshops relating to the Maori and Polynesian Cultures and ways of life. A performance by Kahurangi brings to life the ihi or life force of the Maori, and the present with genealogical chants, martial arts techniques, powerful songs and pride in being Maori. Each presentation engrosses and excites the audience and imparts a wealth of cultural and tribal knowledge to foster a greater understanding of a very unique and exciting indigenous culture.

Members of Kahurangi are graduates of Takitimu Performing Arts School.  In order to provide an indepth learning experience for its members, Kahurangi performers travel to North America on an annual tour.  The North American ensemble is self sufficient and survives on performance fees earned from performances, workshops and residencies.  Personnel are rotated for each tour to enable many young Maori to tour North America and gain valuable artistic and performance experience, the reinforce individual skills and abilities and to strengthen professional development.  Kahurangi performers bring with them the stories and heritage of their individual tribal areas and enjoy the support of their family, sub tribe and tribe as they represent Aotearoa (New Zealand) as Cultural Ambassadors. 

The Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre is New Zealand's only full time Maori dance company of a professional caliber.

Available for touring in the US and Canada in 2011-12, Kahurangi will bring dynamic and colorful productions to your theater or community, as part of a specifically designed residency program - from two days to one week long -that can combine:

college/university level lectures, covering topics including but not limited to Anthropology, Language Arts, Art History, Linguistics, Traditional Maori Music, New Zealand History and The Evolution of Maori Dance and Movement.

arts in education performances, suitable for Grades K-12. 60 mins; includes narrations. Excellent as a support activity for the concert performance. Choose a program to suit your audience and curriculum - Traditional stories, Dance, Music, Maori history, Storytelling...and much more!!

community and student workshops. Email for a comprehensive list of workshops available. Workshops can cover all genres and curriculum areas and are tailored to the presenting organization.

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Watch sample of "Hauhake" (Harvest) by Kahurangi

Watch sample of "Waka" by Kahurangi